Allowing the storm to stir the Butterfly Effect

I am currently experiencing a storm in my life. None of us like to be in storms. They're scary, uncertain and can be very strong. But, Jesus is strong and certain. In Mark 4:35-41, we read/see a storm. The disciples knew about obeying God, but not trusting Him. So, this is a test. Let me tell you, to be out in the water, winds gushing through, waves beating at the boat, not someplace I'd want to be. They were scared (agreed). The Amplified Classic Edition states the winds were of hurricane proportions. Look, tropical storm winds make me nervous, but hurricane winds......Jesus!!!

Now, verse 38 states that Jesus was sleeping on a leather cushion. Jesus was sleeping. He was unbothered by the gushing winds and beating waves. He was at peace. The disciples were like, "ummmmm.....are You not concerned about this storm that has fallen upon us?" Jesus arose and rebuked (to sharply disapprove) the wind and hushed the sea, "Be Still." The storm ceased. Jesus asked the disciples why were they so timid and fearful?

During this season of uncertainty and fear, I keep hearing God whisper the same thing to me, "Why, daughter, are you so timid and fearful? Don't you trust Me?" Do I truly trust God? I mean, with everything?

I read a devotional that made me think, have I been fully trusting God, even when I can't see His promises? I can encourage everyone else to do so, but am I encouraging myself to do the same? The Holy Spirit opened up my eyes to this one.

Trust is not giving up; trust is opening up. Opening our hearts to the possibility that maybe God really does know best. Maybe his wisdom and care and love are what we need most. And so, reluctantly at first, we open our hearts to trust in the middle of what we don’t always like or understand. But we open our hearts to a Father who knows best and has our best interests in mind, even if we can’t fully comprehend it. The struggle to trust and obey is real. But it’s also a necessary step toward growth and transformation.